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In a few months, the EYFDM Preconference will officially be launched in Brussels. While our team is preparing a great event for you, we will try to provide you on this page with lots of tips from us, the locals, to make your Preconference-experience even greater. We all hope you will love Brussels as much as we do after reading and trying out these tips.

See you soon!

Hanna, Sarah and Indra

GPs working in Brussels and part of the organizing team

Spotted by locals

November 2022

5 typical Belgian things to eat in Brussels

While traveling, I noticed that the first thing that comes up in a conversation when I say I'm from Belgium, is usually something about food. It is true that, while our cuisine might not be the healthiest, we have a few national specialities that have made us famous around the world. I could list so many things that are typical from Belgium, but sometimes you have to make choices, so here is my selection of the top 5 foods you should definitely try while being in Brussels.

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